Purpose of Life

I have observed that anyone who does not have a purpose in life seems to be just wandering around here and there randomly in life, and even though they seem to be enjoying their lives most of the time but whenever they come across a man with a purpose, they respond in two ways. First of all, they are but, forced to think of what they are doing to their lives, how meaningless things are in their life. Secondly, either they show respect to the person or at other times if they harbor jealousy they try to attack the person passively.

I was always in a state of mental chaos till I decided what my purpose in life was. Once, I knew that there has been no stopping. I believe we are here on planet earth for no reason at all, but even then life is not insignificant, meaningless or without a purpose. That purpose is not pre-determined for you by someone sitting in the clouds. Life’s purpose is what you decide upon. Your life’s purpose should not just be anything that you want; it should be something that has the ability to move you to tears when you think of it as if you have attained it.

When I talk of life’s purpose, please do not confuse or mix them with your goals. Those are your personal achievements which you want to accomplish. Life’s purpose is much broader than that. My definition of life’s purpose is something that improves conditions on planet earth while you are achieving all your goals and desires in life joyously.

For example, my life’s purpose as I have decided is to help 1 million people improve their life’s standard financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now, I can go about it in a lot of ways, if I want to work through NGOs I can, if I can write and help others through my writing I can, if I can give one to one help to people, coach them, I try doing that. So, the purpose is something that will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction while improving conditions in the world along with fulfilling the material desires that you may have. But along all that I am also going to accomplish my personal goals as well, goals of having a great family life, prosperous financial life, enjoying the benefits and comfort available to us.

A lot of us have been conditioned to think that it is somehow evil or sinful to indulge and fulfill our personal desires. I am going to be in your face and say to you that this is false, unless you have enough for yourself, how in the world will you ever want to share with anyone else. Unless you have surplus supply, why will you want to give to anyone? So, what we first have to do is defining our life’s purpose then filling our life with things that we want to give out to the world.

In that very process, our goals will be achieved and life will become happier and better.


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