Monthly Sabbatical of Silence : An experiment with Silence[My Story]

I had began reading one of Osho’s books again, this one had a method of meditation that was associated with silence. The exact procedure was to remain alone and silent for 21 Days, following a precise and fixed diet routine along with practicing certain forms of meditations everyday. This was supposed to provide one with deep and intense spiritual experiences.


I wanted to attempt that and I hope I will someday, but as I live with my parents and even though they are highly supportive still no one will let such behavior go unnoticed, I did not attempt it. But, I had to experiment with being silent.
So what I did I decided to stay silent for a day, following a vegetarian diet, including raw foods with high positive pranic content as much as possible for a week before till the Saturday when I had decided to remain silent.

I woke up the decided day and remembered my line of action, to keep my mouth shut and be inactive as much as possible.

The day was one of the most uneventful days of my life and yet it was profoundly amazing. I went through a number of weird yet pleasant experiences.

Sitting silently unmoving for about 40 minutes with my eyes closed, I admit the first 5 to 10 minutes being really hard to pass. But once I was through them, the rest of the 30 minutes seemed as if it were just about a minute or two that had passed. The strangest thing to happen was my thoughts had began to disperse away, I felt as if I was body less. A strange feeling of bodylessness overwhelmed me, I knew that I existed, but I could not feel my body. I was in total control and would have felt back normal had I moved even a single inch, but the feeling was such a bliss that I did not want to move. I stayed such for about half an hour and moved then for I wanted to drink water.

When I came back and tried to sit back again, I could not. I don’t know why, but I was not able to. So, I left that thought right there and went on to sit and meditate.

Now, for the people who are scratching their heads thinking what the heck is the difference, Well, the first time I was not even trying to meditate or do anything, If at all I was defocused.

This time though, I decided to try this particular method of meditation which is one my favorites and is called Shambhavi mudra.

Ajna meditation

Basically this method includes focusing one’s attention at the place of Ajna Chakra also called the third eye.
I closed my eyes, pushed my head back slightly and focused my attention on the place between the eyebrows, it immediately started responding to my effort, Osho once mentioned that for the ajna chakra, attention is like food. He also said that our ajna is starving as we never put any attention there, it catches and holds attention like a magnet holds on to an iron piece, almost effortlessly. I had never experienced such a strong pull before, the spot began pulsating all of a sudden, within seconds of placing attention. In about what I think was 2 or 3 minutes the spot within my eyebrows started to feel as if it were put on fire from inside. I put a finger on my head and it felt normal, I was feeling excited, but a bit scared as well. Ten minutes later, the feeling of bodylessness came back again. This time I was consciously making effort to stay in the same state, although this time I was aware of each moment passing like normal i.e. the 20 odd minutes that I passed in the state seemed like 20 minutes.

Another interesting thing that happened during this meditation, was that tears of happiness flowed when I was about 4-5 minutes into the meditation, the body felt really light then as if all the weight had been lifted from my body. There were chills running up and down my spine continuously for a lot of time.

In totality I managed to stay silent for 10 hours that day. Although it was much less then what I had thought, it was nevertheless a successful experiment.

So much so that I have decided to repeat the same every month.


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