Let’s hack our Sleep!

Researchers tell us that we need 6-8 hours of sleep, this excludes children below the age of 7, their bodies need more sleep than ours, a new born baby sleeps approximately 20+ hours a day, which reducing periodically to 8-9 hours by the age of 7.

Nobody can tell you how much sleep you need. If we could optimize our sleep, it would surely help in increasing our efficiency during waking hours, I said “optimize” not “reduce”.

I would now provide ye with several tips to help you optimize sleep, always remember, “Quality of sleep” is way more important than its “quantity”!

Sleep Hack

Sleep is divided into various phases,

First phase – When you’ve just drifted off to sleep, or are just on the verge of waking up in the morning
The frequency associated with this state is called “alpha”, inner chattering of mind continues at this level of the mind
Second phase – A bit deeper state of sleep, associated frequency with this state is known as “theta”, dreaming or RMS sleep happens at this level of mind.

The above two phases of sleep even though do not contribute much to the revitalization of energy during sleep, are pretty much important for your well-being.

The third phase- frequency associated with this state is termed “delta”, this level of mind is associated with the thoughtless sleep, and this thoughtless sleep is where one connects to the source of all energy, leading to revitalization of energy.

  1. Now, sleep needs can be optimized through trips to “alpha” and “theta” during day time, immediately the question comes to your mind, how?  Well, the answer is pretty straight and simple, Meditation.
  2. Including more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet.
    How is this going to help? Pretty easy, digestive system of human body consumes a lot of energy, if it were given less stress; certainly energy would be conserved in turn reducing sleep needs without any fatigue. Raw fruits and vegetables get digested in less than half the time than cooked food, here are some of the facts, cooked meat takes nearly 72 hours to get out of the human digestive system, cooked food takes nearly 30-odd hours to digest while uncooked raw food takes minimum 3 to maximum 12 hours to get digested, imagine how light it would feel, going to sleep without the burden on your abdomen…certainly a nice experience it would be.
  3. 20-40 minute naps in day time at around 3-4 pm, i.e. nearly after 9 hours of waking up.
  4. No caffeine, in any form, 3-4 hours before going to bed.
  5. Slight physical exercise; don’t be too harsh on your body, though.
  6. Another one, a simple experiment that will give you effective results from the day one of use, before going to bed after your dinner, stop speaking to anyone for 10-15 minutes, it’ll profoundly increase the quality of sleep. The point is to be inactive, no Television, no texting, no reading, not even uttering any mantra, there would be mental chattering going on inside your head, quietly accept it, don’t pay heed to it, let it be there, you are not to fight it, neither consciously create this chattering. Two things will result out of this experiment if you continue for nearly a fortnight.
  • Within this period your mind will become quieter at least at these times of the night.
  • Quality of your sleep will be profoundly deep.

I hope the techniques will be used by you in the coming days, they will take time for sure and the beginning will be the toughest to get through. But, if you can get past the first two weeks on the basis of your sheer will power, this will easily turn into your second nature.

There are no limits to what you can achieve by optimizing your sleep quality and quantity.
Pick two of the six things mentioned above for next two weeks and see how the quality of your sleep improves profoundly, leaving you highly energetic through your day, this will not happen before day 7, in fact for first 7 days you will feel a little tired through your day for a simple reason Your body is not used to this new sleeping pattern.

Hope you optimize your sleep and improve productivity in your life.


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