Four Tips to Keep Your Body Happy.

Four basic things we avoid doing for our body: Your body is crying for help, listen to it.

1)      Exercise twice a week: Yes, we all know how busy we are, but all of us do have a weekend or weekly off days. So, use them well. Exercising your body will help you not only look better but also feel healthier, which is vital for your overall happiness.

Those people who never exercise have no clue about what they are missing. It is not going to be easy, your body will try to resist, because you are trying to get it out of a set pattern, its comfort zone. But persist for 6 weeks, you will be happy that you did.


Choose your workout program as per your body and consult your physician if you have any medical condition or are in doubt. For some people weight training works, for others yoga or aerobics does the trick. Find out what is best for you and begin it at the very next opportunity you find.

I would highly recommend you join a gym, yoga course or aerobics program. That way it would be very easy to persist.

2)      Eat more fruits and sleep for 7-8 hours daily

Although self explanatory, I would still write about it. Eating more fruits one feels rejuvenated. Fruits like apples, peach, bananas etc are easy to digest. Some even suggest that these only require about 3-4 hours to get properly digested.

Sleeping for 7-8 hours is very necessary for our body. As we are a 24×7 generation we tend to over work ourselves. We tear ourselves and are hard on ourselves.

Note: Lack of sleep can also cause on to feel irritated most of the time which causes a decline in the overall happiness.

3)      Cut down on junk food:

Yes, everyone tells you to do that and every time someone does, you are so motivated to do so that you would never touch another bite of junk food in your life. But when you go to McDonalds with your peers, what happens? We all know. So what is to be done?

Don’t try to eradicate it out of your life. Start to cut down. If you have junk food 5 times a week, keep it down to 4 or 3 if possible. Keep on it for about 6-8 weeks before cutting down more.

P.S. – All types of sodas, including diet ones should be avoided as well.

4)      Increasing your water intake:

Water is life, this wonder liquid is very important for the proper functioning of human body. The people who are busy and have a hectic schedule usually miss out on their water intake, I know because I used to. This causes our brain to be dehydrated and leads to a decrease in productivity. Ideally you should drink a glass of water every one hour or so, i.e. 10-11 glasses a day.  But to begin with, try to keep your water intake to 6-8 glasses in a day.

These four tips are just to get you started. Personally, I would suggest your goals to achieve in this respect should be:

  1. Exercising 5 times a week.
  2. Eating one to two portions of fruits, daily.
  3. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day.
  4. Cutting down on junk food to about 25% of your current intake.
  5. Drinking 3 liters of water every day.

These small tips if followed properly will help you to have more energy all day and also will increase a sense of health and well being.


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