Personal Goals : Milestones to Success

Goal : the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.(as per

That’s the basic definition of a goal, you are making an effort to do something, to achieve a certain desired state or thing. You decide upon what you WANT, and then begin to work towards achieving it. You want things because of a simple reason, your desires keep on nudging you to improve which in turn makes you happy, the ability to create anything, the re-affirmation of the fact that you can create anything that you set your eyes on makes you happy for alignment is nothing but remembering your true nature and by creating you are doing just that, remembering that you are a creator. The Bible indicates that humans are created in the image of God. What can you expect when you are created in the image of the ultimate creator itself, you are a creator.

So, Goals are circumstances, things and experiences that you desire to have because you have decided to.

You are entitled to achieve every success and goal that you can possibly dream of and believe in.

Personally for me, my goals are a way of paying the world back and making it a better place because I have been given a wonderful life by this world.

Goals can also be thought of a map to the journey of life you want to undertake. Now, many of the people might have different views and their point  of view is to let life be spontaneous. Their approach is to take the life as it comes.

Either you run the day or the day runs you

They are the kind of people who enjoy being run by the day, and that is perfectly fine, because they are making a decision to have their life that way. They are creating it in that manner.

But even though they may not believe but in their non-choosing, they are choosing. They are choosing to not set goals and hence wander around, that is their choice. I am not writing this for them, they can be perfectly happy that way. But if you want to go and achieve something or some experience in particular, when you can define that, that definition in itself is the GOAL that you are setting.

So, goal setting is basically creating the map of a journey you want to undertake in your life. You may do well without a map, but having one if you know your destination is always a help.

Create the goals, write them down, define what you want from life and begin working towards it and you will create it, because you are a creator.


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