Get rid of the Clutter : How to do things and free up your time!

I was overwhelmed with how much I had to do in the coming few days, there was just so much around, studies, work, family, friends.I suppose it is the same issue with everyone else around us. We just always have too much to do at hand. Through this article, I am going to tell how I overcame these hindrances to a state of peaceful mind.

First of all the most important thing to do here is to relax.
Take a long deep breath and while exhaling throw all your worries out. The worries of not being good enough, not being able to accomplish things and of not meeting other’s expectations and for sometimes one’s own expectations.
Even if you don’t do anything you have to do, you’ll still be able to live a “normal” life(I am inferring that from the fact that you have access to internet to read this and to other basic necessities of life).
If you have began this thought process and you have began de-cluttering your life from the very basic level, from your emotions. Once you are free from the clouds of worry only then the next step will be easy.
At first I asked you to get rid of worry about the work, next what I am suggesting you is to make a list of things that were on your mind troubling you because you had not already completed them. This list can, will and should include anything big to small. A novel you are writing to a simple grocery shopping, include just about everything.
At least 10 items will be there, don’t worry even if you have more, it’s okay. You will able to do well within a week and in some cases within a day or two.

Unless you make that list and write it down, I mean unless you really do it, there is no way I can help you. If you are such a lazy ass who does not even want to know what is troubling him by writing things down then I am really sorry for you, you should better not read anymore.

Now since you are reading this I assume you have made the list. So, if you have 5 or less things on that list, well done, either you don’t need this article or you are bluffing yourself and leaving things out of the list, the things you think are not really important enough to be included, now sit down and scribble those things on the list.
For the people who have 5 to 9 things on the list, good job, you can begin working or eliminating things and freeing up your precious time.
For the people with 10 things or above, you guys just have a lot to do and probably are kind of perfectionists and/or have high expectations from your own self. You need to relax and calm down, because you are probably already doing better than a lot of others.

Getting things done

The next step after knowing what all is troubling you is killing a few of those monsters. Take the least priority task, something that if you did not do would not hurt at all. This task should also be the easiest and the least time consuming as well.


Now write it down separately. Select 3 of such tasks and arrange them in increasing order of priority. Now finish these tasks over the period of next 12 hours and get them off the list. Repeat the process until you are left with the tasks you do not want and need to do and the tasks that would take at least a week of effort to complete.

Getting the small tasks off your mind is the most important way to de clutter your mind of the burden.
Try this exercise and come back with your experiences in the comments section below.


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