Start Small: On the way to life of your dreams.

There comes a time in life when we are run by the surroundings. If things are going bad we tend to think and feel that it’s all over and tend to give up. We think that this is permanent and nothing will change. The same goes for good and happy times. What we need to remember is when we don’t let what’s happening on the outside affect us and instead remain crystallized inside, if we just manage this much, things will start changing and then you will be in control of your life.

This is about deliberately creating your life. The important thing to understand is you can only control yourself, not others. Set your goals and see your dreams but do not be dependent on anyone else. If along the way people join you in your journey welcome them, let them stay, if someone decides to stay with you, it is amazing. Do not be dependent on them, if someone has to leave for whatever reason, because reasons are just silly excuses, the real reason is that their path is different from yours maybe you had to share a part of journey or maybe you have to travel alone at times. But always keep this in your mind that every one is just trying to live and create their own life, everyone is treading on a path according to their liking.

We are creative beings, it is always good to dream and work for it. But that dream and that work will bring you happiness only when it is play to you. But in order to deliberately create you must first dream, any thing, it can be little and it can be huge. This dream should be able to move you. It should be something you will hold on to, even if nothing else was going right in your life. It should become the very purpose of your breath, of your life. The dream can vary from “I wish to be the best mother for my kids” to “I want to make a difference in the world by doing so and so” to “I want to earn a million dollars” or “I want to travel the world”. Anything that is your heart’s truest desire would do.

And when you are done deciding that, begin working for it, right this moment. Take a little step towards your dream, enroll for that yoga class, go see the people who might help you, begin practicing the guitar, start your first class for poor children. Do whatever it takes you to get in the groove, to get one step closer to your dream.

Journey_first step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and the first step is half the journey”

So, will you begin today?
Do something you like. Put in a small effort.
You don’t need to alter your whole life, just five hours a week will do or maybe an hour everyday.
I promise you, if you listen to me, two months from now you’ll be a wee bit happier and satisfied and in a couple of years from now, you’ll be on your way to the life of your dreams.

What is that you are going to do?
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