Improving Yourself : On a road to success.

Everything that is going wrong in your life is an opportunity to grow, to improve to make yourself a better human being and to make this planet a better world. If you don’t even give a damn about anyone else in world at least you got to care about your own self.

If you have stopped caring about your own self, well you are almost dead I think, because if you would not care about yourself you would not sleep, eat properly following this you would soon fall sick, and maybe depending upon your choices would be on your way to the hospital or graveyard. You are blessed by being alive, there are a lot of people around you and billions others in our world, but they are not the ones who are reading this. You are. There has to be something special about you. Everyone is special in their own way. They are different; you cannot compare one person to another. Everyone is a genius, even if they don’t act like it.
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
You innately are genius, you already are a gem, you just need to be polished and cut properly to shine. It is somewhat like a statue, a sculptor knows that in every piece of rock are hidden millions of statues. The same way there are a million you’s hidden inside you. Even if the rock can be transformed into anything that the sculptor wishes to, it cannot be transformed into everything. There will only be one statue. In the same way, even though you have a potential to do a lot, you should focus only on one thing. Yes, it’s true that sculptor can make a number of statues out of the same rock if he wishes to as you can also work on a number of different manifestations for your life. But if the sculptor really works for only one grand statue, it will come out magnificent, in the very same way, if you decide upon how you want to live your life and then keep on improving yourself in only one direction, your life too, will be magnificent.

When you have decided on improving yourself, and then will begin a life of turmoil of hardships. You’ll face one difficulty after another. Each one harder than the preceding one and yet passing through each of the hindrance will change you or rather transform you into a much better you. It is like the blow of the chisel, the rock has to break, the un necessary has to fall off, so that the amazing sculpture that is hidden inside manifests itself.

Like Gold, this has to go through the furnace thousands of degrees in temperature in order to bepurified, so that it may become the purest gold. All the irregularities, all the dust, and other materials everything has to fall off.

You too have to face difficulties in your lives, so that you may be transformed into something better than what you are right now. Let them guide you.
Never say “Why me?”
Trust the nature, because it has trusted you by giving you that difficulty, that test which when you pass you will change. You will transform into a new person altogether, a wee bit wiser, a wee bit mature.

Whenever you are stuck in any difficulty always remember it is only because you want to grow. It is a period of examination. Life’s way of teaching is a little different than the school’s way. In the school you are first taught the material and out of that limited syllabus you are asked the questions, you learn but only a little. In life, you are directly sitting in the final exams, you can fail any number of times but every time you fail you will learn something that you did not know. You will learn a lot, because life is teacher who believes in questioning its pupils every moment, it is a constant examiner. If you don’t want to grow, you can spend the rest of your life on the exam that you are undertaking right now or you could make an effort, get past this and learn something new, then pass this exam. When you pass every exam you get some sort of incentive as well. Schools give us holidays; life gives us satisfaction and happiness.

Gear up.

There will come times when you will feel afraid alone and dejected, in those moments just embrace these four words and you will be alright. What are the magical words?
“This too, shall pass”.


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