You want to be successful and happy? Here’s how you can be.

The most important thing to understand is nothing succeeds like constant effortConstant effort has to be there, every book on success, every person who has ever succeeded will tell you that it took a lot of constant effort to achieve what they have achieved.


The second thing to remember is we can only begin where we are. Yes, the guy next to you may have a six pack or another guy is a genius writer or a another colleague is an amazing painter or some one is a great dancer, but there was a time they were none of that.
It would have took them years of hard work to be where they are, just with a slight difference that they loved doing the thing they excel in so hard work actually did not seem like hard work.
Often times we make the mistake of comparing ourselves to the people who have already achieved what we want to and then worry if it is even possible for us to scale such heights. I suggest you ask them how they became good at what they do and more importantly keep in mind that success takes time.
Remember the 10,000 hour principle, you will begin to touch genius at 10,000 hours of concentrated effort but at around 1500 hours of work your skill, no matter what it is will be refined to a quality that will make you better than 80% of people who know it.
Why so much?
Because most people usually quit way before that and switch to doing something else. But if you can continue doing the same thing over and over again till you exceed 10,000 hours you will be a success, it is guaranteed. Period.
Winners never quit and quitters never win.
One can never be successful if one keeps on quitting. There will be difficulties in every path that you tread, anything you do will have roadblocks.
Finding a way around that roadblock is important, if you can’t find a way around, you must then drill through it, the point is, keep moving on towards the same goal. If you keep on changing the goal you will never reach anywhere.
Change the way if needed but the destination shall always remain the same. The one you’ve always wanted.

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