Co-incidences? : Maybe the world is trying to tell you something.

The very presence of one single person who accepts you completely as you are, this simple yet rare event tells you, makes you believe that as you came across this one person, there are others out there, others like you are and the best part about it is that neither you or the other person is perfect but even then you accept them you choose to look beyond their faults.



 Once you know this, you’ll understand that the thought that everyone is the same and may be insensitive is wrong, that if you can find one such person, you can find more people like that. There can be groups and maybe even whole communities of such people, maybe they are not there right now but there can be, this is a world of unlimited possibilities and coming across one such human being is a very important event. It is not merely just another co-incidence in your life for co-incidences according to me are not a random chance event.

Every person in your life right now, From your peon to your teacher, from your best friend to the significant other is there for a reason. As Albert Einstein once said, god doesn’t play dice. The universe is not random, everything that is happening has a cause. Sometimes the cause is not obvious, or in plain view but it is always there. The goals you set, the intentions you have, attracts the right circumstances, events and people. These may or may not be pleasant. But if you are aware enough, these will mold you into the kind of person you need to become in order to reach your desired goal or fulfillment of your intention. The trick here is to understand that the apparent painful experiences are for your further good like impure gold has to pass through a furnace hundreds of degrees hot in order to get purified. Another analogy would be a rock. Every large rock has a damn fine sculpture inside it, but if the metamorphosis from a rock to a beautiful sculpture has to occur the road is painful. The chisel that hits the rock hurts it, a rock that is afraid of the chisel can never become a piece of beauty even by the hands of Michelangelo himself. The pain is a necessary evil, or so it seems.

I am grateful to the universe, to God for letting this beautiful thing happen to me, in my life, this tiny flash of insight that showed me how much more is possible if we try, if we listen to the inner compass of intuition.

What do you think about it?
What are co-incidences?
Leave a comment below 🙂


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