India(Earth) : What are you doing for your nation (and planet)?

Many of us blame the government and the system that they are corrupt and are not doing enough for the nation. I ask each one of us, that includes me, Have we ever even thought about doing something that could bring prosperity to our nation, economic and societal growth?

A nation where amidst 125 crore people, 68.7% people live below $2 per day. 30 crore people are below the Indian poverty line i.e. 32 rupees per day which is needless to say about half a dollar. I am not asking you to donate money so these people could eat. The poverty is merely the symptom.

Like you don’t keep popping only paracetamols during a bout of typhoid, but also run the course of antibiotics to get rid of the germs, I ask each one of us to become one dose of antibiotic for the disease which is not poverty but exclusive growth. If we really want India to be a first world nation, a developed country, we are not to ignore people who are economically weaker, people who have difficulty getting hands on opportunities.

What can you, personally do to improve India? Think about it, there are plethora of problems that need solving. We needs analgesics and antibiotics both to treat our sacred nation. The NGOs, the government subsidies act as analgesics providing intermittent relief. But as I have said before and I repeat, we need more than that. What are our antibiotics? The education system, the industries that provide employment, the huge number of youth that can be skilled to treat the nation of poverty, backwardness and exclusive growth of one class.

Let the government do their thing, if they are not doing it right we have all the right in the world to raise voice against them. But only if we are doing our bit. Many of you at this juncture would like to reason that it is not practical to leave all of our life and responsibilities towards our friends and family and work for nation. Many would argue I am just another person it would not matter if I don’t do this, there are many others who will do something. Yet another bunch of citizens will say what can I do, I am not powerful, have money and blah blah.

To all of such people I would like to say, please stop making excuses and start doing something. Even if you start teaching the children of the maids that come to your home for a few hours every week you are building a better India.

To the more courageous ones, the really ambitious guys and girls I would want them to set visions for their lives in tandem to the Nation. Look at the Ratan Tata, the man is rich, happy and is making thousands of Indian families happy by providing them with employment. Look at people like Bill gates, does he really need to come down to Bihar all the way from USA and sit in a village with absence of toilets and solve their problems?
Look at Sir Richard Branson, what does he lack in life? and yet he tries every bit to solve conflicts on global scale. All these people are mortal human beings like you and I are.

I intend to train more than 10 crore people in my life time so that they may live with dignity and pride. So that their families will not sleep with empty tummies. I am working towards my vision for the world and for my nation, I am going to study for an MBA for next two years and afterwards will come a start up.

What are you doing for your India? Except for those who are forever complaining and making excuses?
What do you plan to be? An analgesic? An antiobiotic or a placebo? Making yourself believe that this life that you are living the way you living is all you can do, Is that true? Is that enough? What if Gandhi thought like that? What if Sardar Patel gave up on his mission of unifying India? What if Abraham Lincoln gave up on America during the civil war?
If you try you can always find a way to live the life the way you want it and yet contribute to this world. Money is not the only thing we should work for, it is important that is no doubt but what is the bigger purpose?

What is your ideal life like? A penthouse apartment,a BMW or audi to drive, A wife (or a husband) who loves you, a couple of kids, weekend parties with friends, an occasional game of golf, yearly trips to exotic locations? If it is, I would say keep it, but add some more. This more is what you will remember on your death bed. This more is what people will remember after you are gone.

There are enough problems in the world that need solving, and there are more than enough people with the potential to solve them in less than a decade. What we lack is a sense of will, a vision and beliefs to go and get it done. There is a problem of unemployment, there is a problem of poverty, lack of good education, lack of basic sanitation, the problem of disguised unemployment, problem of less than adequate skilled people, environmental problems, there seems to be no end to the list.
Do you think you can do better than getting a job that pays well? Can you? I’d be glad to know.


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