How I completed the first draft of my first novel : It’s easier than you think

After about a few months of ramblings and procrastination, I found out that I still wanted to write a book. I decided to do what I do when I need help in doing something.
I looked around for people who had written a book and ask for their advice, although not personally but with the power of internet and Google, I did just fine.

On a blog, I don’t remember which one, don’t ask me, eh. I read about NaNoWriMo i.e. National Novel Writing Month. Continue reading


You want to be successful and happy? Here’s how you can be.

The most important thing to understand is nothing succeeds like constant effortConstant effort has to be there, every book on success, every person who has ever succeeded will tell you that it took a lot of constant effort to achieve what they have achieved.


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21 Productivity Tips by Robin Sharma!

Here are 21 tips to get you to your best productivity.

#1. Check email in the afternoon so you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your best work.
#2. Stop waiting for perfect conditions to launch a great project. Immediate action fuels a positive feedback loop that drives even more action. Continue reading

From a mediocre student to a Topper: Three Tips to get your grades into the top students of your class.

Up until grade eight, I was always among the toppers. My grades were always in 90% or above range, i.e. mostly A+.

As I changed my school in grade eight, I had to compete with so many more students, some of them managed to get my morale down and tricked me into believing I was not good enough and that I could not score well. Continue reading

Start Small: On the way to life of your dreams.

There comes a time in life when we are run by the surroundings. If things are going bad we tend to think and feel that it’s all over and tend to give up. We think that this is permanent and nothing will change. The same goes for good and happy times. What we need to remember is when we don’t let what’s happening on the outside affect us and instead remain crystallized inside, if we just manage this much, things will start changing and then you will be in control of your life. Continue reading

You do not need to “revolutionize” your life: Making minor adjustments will do.

Most of the time, whenever something is going wrong in our lives we tend to think that a lot is wrong with us and that we need to work too hard and change everything in our lives, or in other words almost bring about a ‘revolution’ in the way we exist or are.

But let me tell you my friend that it is no way near to the truth. All you need to do is bring about very minor changes in your life and that will easily fix most of the problems that you have.

Let me cite an example from my own life. I wanted to write, and write well. Having no idea where to begin I made a commitment to myself that I’ll write daily, for at least 15 minutes I would sit down alone in my room and write. I did not care whether I am able to write 2 lines or one paragraph or a whole page.

I did that for around a month and my writing skill improved dramatically. I have a lot of references to prove that.

Basically, what I am suggesting it doing something on a very small scale daily will have more effect than doing it with high intensity but rarely.

So, if it is a diet change, healthy life style habit, a new skill you want to acquire or anything that you may want to improve about your life just give that one thing 15-30 minutes a day for next 30 days.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. This is what Robin Sharma calls the power of 1%, if you just improve by 1% daily, do just 1% of the work daily towards improvement for the next 30 days you would have improved by 30% in one month, which at least for me is really enormous growth.

So, what are you going to accomplish in next one month?

You are Your Five Closest Friends:Get Close to The Right People

Yes, you’ve known it since forever, but you are just like anyone else on the planet very afraid to kill any relationships and friendships that you have even though all you are getting from them is negative emotions and garbage in your life.
The value of the people who are closest to you is so much so that people have said things that extend to these limits
“You Are Your Five Closest Friends” Continue reading

Of Roadblocks and Failures

Whenever one tries to accomplish something, there are always without fail some roadblocks or the so called failures that one experiences. They are there for a purpose.

The goal that we’ve set requires us to be different than what we are right now, if we were able to achieve the goal in the state we are in present then the goal would have been accomplished by us already. Learn to understand that the roadblocks are required; they have been put in the path to help you think of a way around, to check whether you really desire something or just want it because of an outside influence. If you just want something because of an outside influence, you will give up as soon as a few things obstruct your path as you would not tire yourself up for something that you don’t desire from your heart. In the other case however, you will give in all your strength and intelligence which will then expand because of the very effort and soon you will find a way to get rid of the roadblock. Continue reading