My parents want to gift me a hefty pricey phone for my birthday on 11 March, and as I am in love with gadgets logically, I should grab it with both hands. But for some reason I feel like it’s a waste of money when my current(not so advanced) phone is working well and good.

This is giving me some strange feelings. All the time, I am focused on acquiring things, this and that. Refusing this phone, feels very natural to me.
I feel that it won’t add much value to my life.

As this all is happening around me, I have a sense of wonder, what if someday I feel that about everything I own in life. What then?

What is important?
What is that adds value to life?
Why do I desire things that I desire?

Maybe I want a lot of things to fulfill my ego, to feel superior to others.
This brings me to another question now, is there a way to make all desires as irrelevant like this one?

and if these things are not important, what is?

What is that which actually adds value to life, that makes us happier, more alive?

Have you ever felt something like this in your life?
Share your experiences.


How I completed the first draft of my first novel : It’s easier than you think

After about a few months of ramblings and procrastination, I found out that I still wanted to write a book. I decided to do what I do when I need help in doing something.
I looked around for people who had written a book and ask for their advice, although not personally but with the power of internet and Google, I did just fine.

On a blog, I don’t remember which one, don’t ask me, eh. I read about NaNoWriMo i.e. National Novel Writing Month. Continue reading

You want to be successful and happy? Here’s how you can be.

The most important thing to understand is nothing succeeds like constant effortConstant effort has to be there, every book on success, every person who has ever succeeded will tell you that it took a lot of constant effort to achieve what they have achieved.


Continue reading

21 Productivity Tips by Robin Sharma!

Here are 21 tips to get you to your best productivity.

#1. Check email in the afternoon so you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your best work.
#2. Stop waiting for perfect conditions to launch a great project. Immediate action fuels a positive feedback loop that drives even more action. Continue reading

From a mediocre student to a Topper: Three Tips to get your grades into the top students of your class.

Up until grade eight, I was always among the toppers. My grades were always in 90% or above range, i.e. mostly A+.

As I changed my school in grade eight, I had to compete with so many more students, some of them managed to get my morale down and tricked me into believing I was not good enough and that I could not score well. Continue reading

Journey called Life

The point is not whether you have everything you want. No, the point is how much you desire it, the point is whether you are willing to say “No” to unnecessary  the point is whether or not you have the courage to kill the idilities in your life. Whether or not are you willing to do away with any activity that is not in tune with your heart’s desire.
You have to set your heart upon something you want and then go on trying to find out the ways, how you can achieve it. Then try to follow that path and if you are unsuccessful you will still have learned something that you will use on the next path. The more you persist, the more odds of you getting what you want.


In the end, even getting the thing is not the point . The point is the evolution of your being that happened along the journey to achieve your heart’s desire. When you have completed your journey, you will realize that it was not the thing that you were after but in fact the experiences that you had on the way. The thing and the happiness you achieved by acquiring it was impermanent and momentary but the experiences that were garnered along the way, they are what gives the meaning to the quest, the journey which you call life.

Improving Yourself : On a road to success.

Everything that is going wrong in your life is an opportunity to grow, to improve to make yourself a better human being and to make this planet a better world. If you don’t even give a damn about anyone else in world at least you got to care about your own self.

If you have stopped caring about your own self, well you are almost dead I think, because if you would not care about yourself you would not sleep, eat properly following this you would soon fall sick, and maybe depending upon your choices would be on your way to the hospital or graveyard. You are blessed by being alive, there are a lot of people around you and billions others in our world, but they are not the ones who are reading this. You are. There has to be something special about you. Everyone is special in their own way. They are different; you cannot compare one person to another. Everyone is a genius, even if they don’t act like it. Continue reading

Start Small: On the way to life of your dreams.

There comes a time in life when we are run by the surroundings. If things are going bad we tend to think and feel that it’s all over and tend to give up. We think that this is permanent and nothing will change. The same goes for good and happy times. What we need to remember is when we don’t let what’s happening on the outside affect us and instead remain crystallized inside, if we just manage this much, things will start changing and then you will be in control of your life. Continue reading

Hard work and Smart Work : Why working hard is more important than working Smart?

Hard work as we usually visualize is a way of working ruthlessly towards completing a certain task. As soon as you are assigned some work, or you assign yourself some work, you begin to do things that contribute to the completion of that work.

Smart work is the concept that says, if you work more productively you can complete a task in 2 hours that would need 10 hours if you just “did” it.
Let me explain you with an example. If you were given a blunt axe and were asked to chop down a tree, how long it would take you to do that?
Maybe ten hours? That’s working hard.
But what if you spent the first hour sharpening your axe, and then started cutting the tree, you maybe able to finish the task in five hours, you will certainly be able to save a lot of time then and your work will be done very early, saving you almost half the time.

The quote from Abraham Lincoln says it all.
“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe”

But the problem with us is when we try to work smart, what we end up doing is we over estimate our productivity. Usually working smart would get our work done more quickly and efficiently but what happens is the opposite, we over estimate the productivity and end up doing even less than the usual.

So, what to do?

The answer is a simple one.

Plan the task, use the smart tools and work hard anyways. Who knows, maybe you can set up the world record by cutting the tree in two hours, eh.


Hard work
Happy working!
Looking forward to your views on this.