Four Tips to Keep Your Body Happy.

Four basic things we avoid doing for our body: Your body is crying for help, listen to it.

1)      Exercise twice a week: Yes, we all know how busy we are, but all of us do have a weekend or weekly off days. So, use them well. Exercising your body will help you not only look better but also feel healthier, which is vital for your overall happiness. Continue reading


Let’s hack our Sleep!

Researchers tell us that we need 6-8 hours of sleep, this excludes children below the age of 7, their bodies need more sleep than ours, a new born baby sleeps approximately 20+ hours a day, which reducing periodically to 8-9 hours by the age of 7.

Nobody can tell you how much sleep you need. If we could optimize our sleep, it would surely help in increasing our efficiency during waking hours, I said “optimize” not “reduce”.

I would now provide ye with several tips to help you optimize sleep, always remember, “Quality of sleep” is way more important than its “quantity”!

Sleep Hack

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