Start Small: On the way to life of your dreams.

There comes a time in life when we are run by the surroundings. If things are going bad we tend to think and feel that it’s all over and tend to give up. We think that this is permanent and nothing will change. The same goes for good and happy times. What we need to remember is when we don’t let what’s happening on the outside affect us and instead remain crystallized inside, if we just manage this much, things will start changing and then you will be in control of your life. Continue reading


You do not need to “revolutionize” your life: Making minor adjustments will do.

Most of the time, whenever something is going wrong in our lives we tend to think that a lot is wrong with us and that we need to work too hard and change everything in our lives, or in other words almost bring about a ‘revolution’ in the way we exist or are.

But let me tell you my friend that it is no way near to the truth. All you need to do is bring about very minor changes in your life and that will easily fix most of the problems that you have.

Let me cite an example from my own life. I wanted to write, and write well. Having no idea where to begin I made a commitment to myself that I’ll write daily, for at least 15 minutes I would sit down alone in my room and write. I did not care whether I am able to write 2 lines or one paragraph or a whole page.

I did that for around a month and my writing skill improved dramatically. I have a lot of references to prove that.

Basically, what I am suggesting it doing something on a very small scale daily will have more effect than doing it with high intensity but rarely.

So, if it is a diet change, healthy life style habit, a new skill you want to acquire or anything that you may want to improve about your life just give that one thing 15-30 minutes a day for next 30 days.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. This is what Robin Sharma calls the power of 1%, if you just improve by 1% daily, do just 1% of the work daily towards improvement for the next 30 days you would have improved by 30% in one month, which at least for me is really enormous growth.

So, what are you going to accomplish in next one month?

Four Tips to Keep Your Body Happy.

Four basic things we avoid doing for our body: Your body is crying for help, listen to it.

1)      Exercise twice a week: Yes, we all know how busy we are, but all of us do have a weekend or weekly off days. So, use them well. Exercising your body will help you not only look better but also feel healthier, which is vital for your overall happiness. Continue reading