Direction or Speed?

The fact that at times we set our goals following other people, we try to reach that goal as soon as possible and yet, when we reach there we find ourselves unfulfilled.
Take time to find out what your heart desires, take time to choose the road that feels best for yourself and then even if you reach the destination some time later, you would not regret it.
You would not regret it because you’ll love the journey if this goal is in alignment to your heart’s desires.

Journey called Life

The point is not whether you have everything you want. No, the point is how much you desire it, the point is whether you are willing to say “No” to unnecessary  the point is whether or not you have the courage to kill the idilities in your life. Whether or not are you willing to do away with any activity that is not in tune with your heart’s desire.
You have to set your heart upon something you want and then go on trying to find out the ways, how you can achieve it. Then try to follow that path and if you are unsuccessful you will still have learned something that you will use on the next path. The more you persist, the more odds of you getting what you want.


In the end, even getting the thing is not the point . The point is the evolution of your being that happened along the journey to achieve your heart’s desire. When you have completed your journey, you will realize that it was not the thing that you were after but in fact the experiences that you had on the way. The thing and the happiness you achieved by acquiring it was impermanent and momentary but the experiences that were garnered along the way, they are what gives the meaning to the quest, the journey which you call life.