You are Your Five Closest Friends:Get Close to The Right People

Yes, you’ve known it since forever, but you are just like anyone else on the planet very afraid to kill any relationships and friendships that you have even though all you are getting from them is negative emotions and garbage in your life.
The value of the people who are closest to you is so much so that people have said things that extend to these limits
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Of Roadblocks and Failures

Whenever one tries to accomplish something, there are always without fail some roadblocks or the so called failures that one experiences. They are there for a purpose.

The goal that we’ve set requires us to be different than what we are right now, if we were able to achieve the goal in the state we are in present then the goal would have been accomplished by us already. Learn to understand that the roadblocks are required; they have been put in the path to help you think of a way around, to check whether you really desire something or just want it because of an outside influence. If you just want something because of an outside influence, you will give up as soon as a few things obstruct your path as you would not tire yourself up for something that you don’t desire from your heart. In the other case however, you will give in all your strength and intelligence which will then expand because of the very effort and soon you will find a way to get rid of the roadblock. Continue reading

A ride on the brainwaves: This is what keeps your Brain Ticking!

Your brain is composed of millions of brain cells. When these cells, called neurons, communicate an enormous electrical activity is produced in the brain. This electrical activity produces brainwaves. The frequency of these waves influence our state of consciousness. Continue reading

Tips to Enhance Productivity #1

“Give me eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe”-Abraham Lincoln

The quote pretty much sums up why one needs to improve upon themselves. We may know a lot, we may be really efficient in doing whatever we do, but one thing is certain, no matter how big or how small there is always some scope for improvement.

achievement, peace, productivity
We learn new skills, techniques, improve ourselves in order work and do everything that we do more efficiently so that we may be able to accomplish more in less time.

One works efficiently when one is at ease and one is at ease when one has mental peace so, a few posts will tell you how to improve your overall productivity in terms of your work and even relationships.

So, the first tip is:

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Purpose of Life

I have observed that anyone who does not have a purpose in life seems to be just wandering around here and there randomly in life, and even though they seem to be enjoying their lives most of the time but whenever they come across a man with a purpose, they respond in two ways. First of all, they are but, forced to think of what they are doing to their lives, how meaningless things are in their life. Secondly, either they show respect to the person or at other times if they harbor jealousy they try to attack the person passively. Continue reading

You are 10,000 Magic Hours near to Success.

Research has shown that 10,000 hours is the threshold, the “magic” point at which a person goes from being okay to being a super success. It has almost nothing to do with talent, just persistence.

You have to be just above a threshold. It is like basketball, you should be tall enough. You have to be above 6 feet. But it hardly matters whether you are 6 feet 8 or 6 feet 6. Then it is your skills that matter.

According to various studies and various books like outliers it took nearly 10 years of practice for anyone to become a master of their art, Beethoven, Beatles, Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jackson and many other brilliant people. But 10 years of doing what? Well, precisely it takes about 10,000 hours of practice in any art to become a master of it. Continue reading

Books That Transformed My Life

Now, this seems a very strange list of books. But, every book that is there in the following list has transform thousands and sometimes millions of lives. These are the works of really powerful minds, who know how our world works.

  1. The Last Lecture: Randy Pausch
  2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  3. The Silva Mind Control Method
  4. The Secret Continue reading