Why This Blog?

The World, Universe or God, whatever you want to name it. It has been very kind to me, and has helped me become and achieve what I am and all that I have. It has blessed me with fortune and happiness in life. I have been always reassured and proven by it, that I can achieve what ever I lay my sight on, given that it is morally and ethically correct in my mind’s eye and does not hurt any other being on the planet and/or improves the planet earth in any way, even an infinitesimally small way.

For this very reason, a new view of life emerged for me. That view of life is to create and help create.

This blog is my own little way of showing gratitude to the world and an effort to improve the quality of life on our sweet home planet mother earth.

So, Now I want to assure every one of you out there that You have all the ability in the world, to make a difference, does not matter if you want to improve only your life or others’. You have all the capability to do so. Improving your life is the first and foremost step in helping others improve.

I have learned from my experience, how so ever small, that Life is what we make it. I decided to make my life helping people create the life they desire. If you have ever been unsatisfied from your life, take a look around, somewhere on this website you will (and i am very sure about it) find something, that has the capability to help you, or if you can not find it, Contact me on my facebook page, I’ll make sure I help you create a better and more fulfilling life.


A Better You,
And a Better life,


Veeshal Beotra

P.S. – I am going to freely reference various people’s knowledge(sometimes without referencing as I don’t always know who taught me what) and use it to help people create a better life. I do not claim all of it to be my own knowledge, but I do claim the fact that whatever I have posted or will post has proven to be effective for me and some other people I have known through life.


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