You want to be successful and happy? Here’s how you can be.

The most important thing to understand is nothing succeeds like constant effortConstant effort has to be there, every book on success, every person who has ever succeeded will tell you that it took a lot of constant effort to achieve what they have achieved.


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Of Roadblocks and Failures

Whenever one tries to accomplish something, there are always without fail some roadblocks or the so called failures that one experiences. They are there for a purpose.

The goal that we’ve set requires us to be different than what we are right now, if we were able to achieve the goal in the state we are in present then the goal would have been accomplished by us already. Learn to understand that the roadblocks are required; they have been put in the path to help you think of a way around, to check whether you really desire something or just want it because of an outside influence. If you just want something because of an outside influence, you will give up as soon as a few things obstruct your path as you would not tire yourself up for something that you don’t desire from your heart. In the other case however, you will give in all your strength and intelligence which will then expand because of the very effort and soon you will find a way to get rid of the roadblock. Continue reading